The idea is to get together and play. And by play I mean work, by doing what we love, talking about design, creating art, sharing inspiration and coming up with some of the freshest, dopest ideas out there. Totally doable, and in a time that innovating is more needed than ever, do you agree? 


Food Styling - N Y C

12 OCTOBER 2018

Join us for a Food Styling workshop where the food is included, the wine and the snacks. When a group of Art Directors gets together to discuss the latest trends and come up with new ones. It will have a behind-the-scenes photoshoot and the opportunity to be published in several platforms out there (TBD).

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Coffee - N Y C  

12 DECEMBER 2018

Welcome to an afternoon of coffee talking. Coffee selection, coffee roasting, coffee brewing, coffee enjoyment, coffee and desserts, coffee souvenirs, coffee friends.

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Collage and wine - N Y C

12 January 2019

Tons of magazines, glue, ideas. We'll have a blast of inspiration, creative concepts and a wine tasting, what can go wrong? Let me know what do you think of this idea! 

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