Let's talk about props

The role of the "stuff".

It makes such a huge difference to have the right things, the objects that we use to create the atmosphere and the feeling we want the audience to have.  

Collecting ideas. The first step is to have a vision. Next to that, it's ideal if you're able to sketch it. Project your ideas so you can get approval from your client first, and furthermore, it allows us to be able to present to the prop stylist, assistants, store, or whoever you need to. This visual allows you to gather these objects and components that will make your concept a reality.

Working with Prop Stylists is a treat. A dream team for Art Directors and Food Stylists. They are so creative and always helpful. The key skill you're looking for when choosing your team it's for these stylists to be resourceful, equipped with solutions and most importantly to me, 'yeses"! Can we do this? Yes! Can we do that? Yes! Am I right? Those who always have the right answer, the disposition and attitude to solve a problem and make it to the finish line victorious. That's my kind of people.

Creativity at the front of course. With social media ideas have been exposed a million times and of the tricks of the trade are now very popular, with this powerful reach we need to come up with original concepts every day, otherwise things have been seen literally a million times. I love this challenge, makes me feel like a trudgen's artist, always looking for a unique take on something.

Let's play!