Content creation

We started with content is king a while back, now is "content is everything". It's true. Customer engagement drives the brand's audiences to really connect with their products and relate with them beyond purchase, generating what we love calling: loyalty. All very cliché words but very true to our industry. 

As an independent Creative Director this tendencies have become my every day. I create social media posts for my clients so their audiences connect with their brands, literally allowing them to enter people's lives on an every day basis.

Customers are constantly browsing their social media feeds now at an alarming habitual form. Worthy content is now utterly important, true engagement can become an immediate purchase, or a brand message that ecos among their friends, a like of this loyal customer becomes a carrier of my message, and if the post really resonates with the customer,  they will share it on their own feeds, I strive for that ideal result. 

For this to happen I want to come up with new ways of content creation every day, fresh content makes my clients happy which makes me happy.